Thursday, July 16, 2015

Beer, Bikes, & Blues

On Wednesday a few friends and I try to get together for a ride - whoever shows up by the designated time is welcome(good turnout this week). Generally we meet at 69 Taps and pick a direction to head - we decided to ride out to Barberton. It was such a beautiful evening - crossing Summit Lake was pretty amazing - I was able to pull out my camera and snap a few photos.


For as much rain as we've had this Summer our we've been fairly lucky with the Wednesday rides - also known as #RubberCityRats.

Awesome light, awesome crew. I make a new friend on almost every ride - this time was no exception.

We stopped at our favorite Barberton bar - Willie's. This is Michael on the way back.

Ben on the way back.

We made another stop on the way back - at Ripper's Rock House. We met some new friends here too - a different kind of biker.

Michael and Woody

Pale Ales(and Woody)
Ben and Bikes

After the ride everyone took off in their own direction - I went and met some other friends at Jilly's Music Room to see Mike Lenz and hi band.

I had never seen Mike Lenz before - even though I had been aware of him for years. That band can really play and sing the blues.


"More Lenz"

'Through the Lenz"

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