Monday, November 3, 2014

Time Lapse Editing

I've always thought time lapse photography was pretty cool when done right - and now I've been seeing a lot more because many new phones and cameras have intervalometers built in specifically for time lapses. So when I had to order a few pieces of gear I decided to tack on a $20 Vivitar intervalometer for my two Canons. I was thinking it might be cool to shoot some time lapses at events I photograph.  
For my first attempt I did something simple - I just set it up in my office while I edited the photos from Child Guidance and Family Services' Vices and Virtues event I shot at Fairlawn Country Club on Saturday. This is roughly three hours of processing condensed down into a little over a minute - I shot at four second intervals. There is no editing to speak of here - I just threw the photos in Photoshop and had it work its magic(added a little bit of music from my old band too). I have a few specific ideas of things I want to try next that will be (hopefully) far more interesting but its nice to know everything works.  
By the way - if you have a fast enough connection you can watch in 4k.  

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