Friday, November 28, 2014

Shake it like a...

I have been hanging onto a few packs of Polaroid 990 film for Spectra Cameras that I scored in a camera bag at the thrift store a few years ago. I decided it would be fun to bring a pack to my parents' on Thanksgiving and see what kind of reaction it would get from the kids. I wasn't sure if being used to digital it would seem lame - or if they would be impressed by a physical photograph. Before dinner I gathered them up and loaded the camera - but the darkslide did not eject - even though we could hear it trying. My nephew pulled out his phone and we watched a youtube video to make sure we were loading it right(it had been a while). After a few more attempts of putting the film in then taking it back out I decided the first photo would have to be sacrificed - I pulled the dark slide out with my knife, loaded the camera again, took a shot, and the first Polaroid ejected(with nothing on it of course).

"The Failed Shot"
Show Offs
Now I figured we were ready to go - and I made the above exposure. The kids gathered around. After a slow start the image started to appear "I can see myself!" "there we are" - everyone loved watching the picture magically develop.
Andrew Fingers
"Andrew" - it was a pants off kind of party.
 After I took his shot I showed him the blank photo - he watched for a minute then said, "I have to go play". When it started to develop in earnest I showed it to him again and a broad smile formed across his face.
Todd and Zane
"Todd and Zane"
Seconds - Amy "Amy and Seconds" - Watching this one develop my niece stated how "slow" Polaroids were. Was it even worth mentioning how long the process was before instant photography - going to the lab, chemicals, prints and negatives etc?
Dominoes II
"Dominoes II"
The expired film came out looking like the photos were already 30 years old. My oldest nephew figured out where the idea for instagram filters came from...
Old Maid - Mom and Andrew
"Old Maid" - Mom and Andrew playing cards.
About halfway through the pack I had to help the camera eject the Polaroids - again with my knife.  I'm not sure if the batteries in the film pack are worn out or if the camera is tired after years of sitting on a shelf.
Pie Cutting - Mom and Dad "Dessert Time" - Mom and Dad
I remember when I was a kid one of my great uncles bringing a camera that shot two images at once with two lenses so it could make "3d photos". I thought it was so cool. Now I guess I'm that nerdy uncle...

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