Friday, November 21, 2014

Deck the Hall 2014

Lights! Last night my Dad took the whole family to the preview of "Deck the Hall 2014" at Stan Hywet Hall. The Manor House was decorated with the theme of "Christmas Around the World" - each room a different country. I didn't shot any photos of the rooms because the last time I was here for this event I got busted after taking this photo. The outside is one of the biggest holiday lighting displays in Northeast Ohio and it is really beautiful. I usually like to wait to do Christmas-y things until after Thanksgiving - but with the cold weather and snow on the ground this was a worthwhile exception.

Laura and Zane "Laura and Zane" My Sister & Brother My sister and brother in front of the Corbin Conservatory. Laura(Out-Of-Focus) Laura, a little out-of-focus, but I still like it. This was a night where I missed my old 7D a bit. I never hesitated to pull that camera out in the snow or light rain - it was such a tank. Also - I probably wouldn't have missed the focus with it. I guess everything is a trade off though as the low-light capability of my 6D really shines on nights like this.... Amy and Laura "Amy and Laura" - the snow arrived right on cue. Portrait "Mom Shooting Todd & Amy" Andrew Driving "Truck Driving Man" - my nephew, Andrew. Iphoneography III "Iphoneography" - speaking of the iphone - it seems to me that in the new 6's they have sacrificed too much sharpness for noise reduction(graininess in film terms). It is amazing that a phone can now shoot in such dark circumstances - but sometimes it looks like it was done through plastic. I know exactly what the software is doing because if I try to reduce the luminance noise in Photoshop my photos will look like that too. Someone should make an iphone app to let you adjust that - then again most iphone owners probably don't care- or even think about this stuff.... Gate House "The Christmas Tree and Gatehouse" - they had a booth set up(off screen to the right) that was giving out fresh-baked, still-warm gingerbread cookies which were amazing. We ate them around a fire before heading out - a perfect end to the evening.

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