Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wetmore Barns

Three Barns
Laura and I went for a hike on the Langes Bridle Trail today. We picked the trail up at the Wetmore Trailhead on Wetmore Road. The Langes Trail is across the street from the parking lot and made for a beautiful hike. When we got back we poked around the old barns near the trailhead for a bit. One of the barns is clearly and 1800's classic, valley barn while the rest were more modern - they were mostly horse stables - the last private owner(before the park took over) breed horses here - but I don't know anything beyond that.
A Red Barn
This barn looked old but had a cinder block foundation. Gate and View
This would have been an amazing piece of property to own - it sits perfectly on a hill overlooking the Valley. Don't Go in There!
Laura pretending to enter the abandoned house. A Look-see
Trying to see into a barn. Bowed
'Old Fence'
Barn and View
Barn with a view.

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