Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rome with a Brownie

I developed my final roll of film from my Rome trip the other day. It was a roll of Ilford Delta 100(120mm) that I shot with my 1949 Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model. I like the Hawkeye because I can use 120 film in it without respooling it onto 620 reels(long as I use a 620 take-up reel). I brought this camera with the intention of shooting a few rolls of "street" photography which works because people usually don't know when I'm taking a shot, however I didn't spend much time hanging around looking for great street shots so I only got one roll.  There seems to be a little bit of fogging on the film but I'm not sure if it was the old camera, the x-rays, or my handling of the film - it really doesn't bother me on these type of pictures though - it just ads to the ol timey snapshot feel.
Staring at the Pantheon
"Staring at the Pantheon" - I probably would have been to self-conscious to get this shot with my Canon 7D. Converging
Converging in the Piazza della Rotonda. Hanging at the The Altare della Patria
Hanging at The Altare della Patria Records @ Porta Portese Flea Market
This booth at the Porta Portese Flea Market in the Trastevere neighborhood had one of the best record collections I have ever seen. I didn't buy anything, though, as most of it was stuff I could get here(and the prices were fairly expensive). I was hoping to find an Italian version of something cool. Porta Portese Flea Market in Rome
More Porta Portese - this flea market went on forever - I scored a few cool Italian cameras here, though most the booths were just filled with cheap, new clothes and Chinese-made jewelry. Piazza della Rotonda
'Street Sweeping' in the Piazza della Rotonda

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