Thursday, February 28, 2013

Travel Choices

Travel Film
I'm leaving on Sunday morning for a week in Rome. I've been doing lots of planning, preparing and Italian learning but one choice has stressed me out the most - the camera selection. Going somewhere as highly photographic as Rome I want to have everything with me - slow slide film in my Nikon F3, my stored expired Polaroid Spectra film in my Spectra 2, Tri-X in my Minolta X-700, 120 film re-spooled onto 620 reels in one of my Box Brownies, my Nikon L35 AF with cheap film for fun night shots, my Canon 7D with the flashes and lenses....etc. But instead I decided to go with simplicity - I don't want to be standing in the Roman Forum trying to decide which camera to pull out of a massive bag. So I'm bringing my Canon 7D with a 17-55mm lens, my Minolta X-700 with Tri-X and Neopan, and my Brownie Hawkeye Flash model with some rolls of various 100 speed film. I figured all my color will be shot digital with the 7D and I'll have my Minolta and my favorite lens for my black and white shots. The Hawkeye will be perfect for street photography and I don't need to respool the 120 film onto 620 reels(I was just going through all my old box cameras to find used 620 spools because the Hawkeye needs to use them for take-up spools - coincidentally I had 6 - the same number of rolls of 120 film I have(I guess it was meant to be)). 
I think this set-up will suite my needs - here's to hoping I don't end up wishing I have more accessories with me. 
I doubt I'll be posting anything for the next week but I'm sure I'll have way too much to post when I get back! 

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