Friday, February 22, 2013

Hoppin' Frog Party

Last night Laura and I went to Baxter's in Downtown - they were hosting a party for Hoppin Frog Brewery who was celebrating their recent rating of 17th Best Brewery In The World by When we got their it was so crowded that we decided to eat next door at The Lockview. After dinner we walked back over to Baxter's to try Hoppin Frog's new beer the Karminator - which was unfortunately sold out - so we drank a couple of Frosted Frogs. Its cool to have two great beer spots right next to each other in Downtown. 
Unfortunately I had forgot that I had changed my camera settings for the time-lapse video I shot the other day. I shot all small sized jpegs instead of RAW files. They didn't turn out too bad, I was just more limited in how I could edit them. I'm usually pretty good about always returning my camera to my 'normal' setting after a big change - I'm just glad this happened on shots that didn't need to much editing and that won't be offered for sale.... 
Golden Monkeys
Golden Monkeys!
Laura at Lockview
Beautiful Laura ta the Lockview. Baxter's

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