Monday, February 4, 2013

The Ledges in Snow

Leaves and Snow IV
I've hiked and shot photos of the Ledges at Virginia Kendall many, many times. Today was probably the first time though that I shot them while the snow was really coming down. My favorite time to shoot snowy, nature scenes is after the storm has passed and there are blue skies - I always find it challenging to shoot snow scenes when the skies are grey. All of the more sweeping landscapes I took today were garbage - I find I am better off with close ups or a well defined subject under these conditions. I'm very impressed by photographers who find a way to make enchanting wide-angle landscapes in snow flurries. 
I shoot a few frames with my Minolta X-700 and black and white film(Fuji Neopan 400) today too - I'll be interested to see who those end up turning out. I figured a grey sky won't matter as much in panchromatic images. 
Ledges Shelter

Pine and Snow Study #6
The Pines and Snow - up close The Ledges
The Ledges - shallow depth Bark and Snow II
Snow in Shadows
Snow in Shadows

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