Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ohio Brewing Christmas Party

Cutting a Rug
Last night Laura and I went downtown to Ohio Brewing Company for their Christmas Party, which I had read about it in the food section of the Beacon Journal. There was free food, bands, and we bought a growler of Jingle Bell Ale to share. The location was cool - they had a small bar right in the brewery, a "tap room" or "tasting room" as they say, and they set up some extra tables to sit at. We did some dancing to a cover band called 'Average Joe' but didn't stick around for the other bands. The crowd was extremely eclectic. I wouldn't rate Ohio Brewing's beer nearly as high as Akron's Thirsty Dog or Hoppin' Frog - its more or less average for a micro-brewery - but we ended up having a really good time and we would both return for other events. 
I shot these photos at the extremely high ISO of 5000 which is why they are so noisy/grainy. It was one of those situations were I didn't bring my flash and grainy photos are better than no photos.
Ohio Brewing Company Christmas Party Ohio Brewing Laura and Average Joe Laura and Average Joe Jingle Bell Ale Laura and her Jingle Bell Ale


Kyle said...

At least you can try 5000. I usually don't venture over 400 ISO on my my rig.

Tim Fitzwater said...

1250 is usually my limit. One nice thing about having such large/high megapixel files though is that when you show a grainy photo at 500px(the size I use on the blog) it becomes less noticeable.