Sunday, December 16, 2012

Riding Run Hike

Buried Vehicle in Front of Covered Bridge Study #1
I took advantage of the warm weather and my day off to engage in my favorite hobby - exploring the Everett area of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Besides enjoying nature I was also on the look out for the man made objects the park never removed - such as the front end of a car buried near the Covered Bridge(above photo). As any regular reader of my blog knows, there is just something that fascinates me about the juxtaposition of the recent populated past colliding with the natural present of the park. I've become quite good and noticing the tell tale signs of where human structures used to be - barns/houses/garages- today a tree lined driveway, minus the driveway....  
Metal IV Can't figure out what this was - it was probably 10 feet long though. Little Guy Little Guy Woods This was a cool pine tree patch. Inverted Trees #5 Inverted trees - cheap Photoshop trick but I like the way it brings out the shapes.

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