Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lots of Light

Last night I was reading through a photography magazine and motivation struck me - it didn't matter that it was getting late - I had to shoot something. I've had this idea for a lighting set-up for a while and I decided to try it out. I used three shoot-through umbrellas surrounding the camera with Canon flashes in each on full power. It kind of gives a ring light effect. I added the vignette in Photoshop. 
By the way, I've downloaded the a trial of Photoshop CS6(I was using CS4) and I'm learning my way around it. The changes to what I use in Photoshop itself haven't seemed to make that much of a difference(yet) but the changes to the RAW editing program Camera Raw have been huge. The program is so much better at converting RAW images and the adjustment sliders make way more sense. I can definitely make better images with the upgrade - which I will purchase when the 30 trial expires.

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