Sunday, December 23, 2012

Abandoned Garage

Garage Study #9
Laura and I went for a hike in the Valley today. While walking along I spotted an abandoned building a few hundred yard off of the trail. It turned out to be a falling down garage fairly near to a house that seemed to be occupied. The snow cover gave the sight and enchanting quality - maybe its just because we have gone so long without any snow. We stayed away from the house while exploring the garage and the area around it. Laura found an old plow covered in the snow. I would like to come back and search the area again when there is no snow on the ground and see if there are any other artifacts around. Garage Study #4
Garage Study #2 Curved Roof Garage Study #1 I took this shot from near another outbuilding - perhaps an old smokehouse. Plow in Snow Plow Snow Covered Plow Plow Close-Up Winter Hike Laura -back on the trail

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