Friday, June 1, 2012

Brownie and Ilford

From the Roof!
Over the weekend I tried out a new combo(and finished it up today) of my Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model and Ilford Delta 100 film. I shot this little Brownie camera once before to do nighttime, long-exposure shots but it was with Kodak TMax 100. The nice thing about the camera is I don't have to re-spool 120 film onto 620 reels as long I use a old 620 reel as the take-up spool. There is one downside, though which is the relatively slow speed of the shutter(1/30 sec.) which means most subject movement will be blurred and a steady hand is required for sharp shots. This was my first time using Delta 100 so I developed it in HC-110(b) according to the development time listed by the manufacturer(6 minutes) and my results were really good. I'm actually pretty thrilled with this film and I might even say I like it better than TMax 100(but to be fair I'll need to run a roll of that through this camera). I was thinking that a Kodak yellow "cloud filter" would be great to bump up the contrast a little bit but I barely even had to juice that in Photoshop with this film.
Am I becoming an Ilford man? That will be determined by the prints....
Jamming @ Hartville 
Bluegrass band jamming at the Hartville Flea Market.
Up on the Roof I
From the roof of the Sales Barn at Szalay's. Laura @ Hartville 
Laura at the Hartville Flea Market Amy and Laura 
Cook-out Dave 
Dave from the roof Up on the Roof II 
More roof action.... One Man's Junk... 'One Man's Junk' - Hatville Flea Market

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