Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kodak Elite Chrome 100

Train Stop
I shot a roll of slide film(Kodak Elite Chrome 100) for the first time. I snapped most of the roll in Peninsula. Unfortunately Kodak has discontinued all slide film production - I have a few different rolls I bought when I heard the news though. The slides are beautiful but the scans don't do them justice. My scanner didn't seem to scan them very sharp and I had to spend some time in Photoshop correcting the colors(which kind defeats the purpose of shooting film). I'm hoping to eventually buy some software that has presets for different films to save some time. I really expected that my scanner would do a better job with slides than negatives but I was let down - it did a much better job with Kodak Ektar 100...
Century Cycles
Peninsula, Ohio
Rt. 303 Bridge in Peninsula John Deere 7830
John Deere 7830 @ Szalay's Farm Towpath Bridge
Towpath Bridge

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