Friday, May 11, 2012

Tri-X Downtown

I took a walk south of downtown to finish up a roll of Tri-X that I had mostly shot at the farm. I used a 50mm f/2 MD Rokkor which was a later era lens with a Tiffen red filter - the combination had all the sharpness of a butter knife. I forgot to take some test shots without the new red filter to know if that or the lens was the problem but I suspect the lens. Anyways - I was otherwise pleased with the extremely contrasty shots I captured.
Having gotten comfortably with my combination of Tri-X in HC-110 I plan to shot some Ilford HP5+ 400 next. I want to stick with HC-110 for a few different films before I try other developers.
Appliance Outlet "Appliance Outlet" F is for Firestone "F" is for Firestone (up there between the two buildings) I'll Stop Taking Photos of Train Tracks I'll stop taking photos of train tracks....when the stop looking cool. Bridge Study #12 Bridge Study #12 Contrasty Akron From the Tracks Over Contrasty Akron

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