Thursday, December 16, 2010

West Ninth

West 9th
Last night I went to visit an old friend who had recently moved downtown Cleveland - the Warehouse District to be exact. It didn't take long for the idea pounded into to us that "Cleveland is a dead city" to be blown to bits. I arrived on a weekday night at 7 O'clock and there was activity everywhere. People going to restaurants and clubs with valets parking cars and people shopping. It was impressive. My friend, Mike, lives in a really beautiful apartment in an old converted warehouse - great balcony, hard wood floors, amazing location and views.
Mike and I don't see each other often enough and when we get together we don't shoot enough - we ramble on and on until it gets late. But we did make plans to get together again after the holidays and do some real shooting - I can't wait - the area is truly photographic gold.  
Before I left I had to get at least a few shots - I used the roof of my car to support my camera for the above long-exposure.

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