Monday, December 13, 2010

Old Schools

Old Schools
Today I spent some time working on lighting techniques in my studio. I picked out a few types of objects that would be interesting and different to shoot on a seamless white background. I was working with some glass and white objects - which made it interesting to explore the different way the angles and modifiers changed their appearance. I also shot my old Vans(above) - I was trying to bring out there cool, beat-up texture. I used three flashes - my 580EXII as the key light above and left in a shoot through umbrella, a 430EX directly left at 1/4 power in a reflective umbrella, and a snooted 550ex glancing across the back.

Argus Seventy-Five
I've learned a lot about studio lighting the last few years assisting an experienced commercial photographer. I've been working on putting that experience into practice using the gear that I have - namely the portable strobes that I use. I've even been building some of my own light modifiers to suit my purposes. Much of this work can be seen on my vintage camera page.
(right: my latest example, an Argus Seventy-Five)

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