Thursday, December 23, 2010

Great Lakes

Great Lakes Christmas Ale
I was doing some reading about photography when my mind started to wander - I found myself reading the same thing over and over. "Forget this," I thought, "I have some Christmas Ale in the fridge." I happened to pour my bottle into a Great Lakes glass I had gotten from the brewery and I starting thinking about how it would make a cool shot. When this happened I knew I couldn't sip my beer - I had to take a photo first. I rushed a flash set-up and started snapping. I wasn't entirely happy with what I had but satisfied enough to finally go relax and drink my beer(which I'm doing now).
I don't know if I'll get a post up in the next few days(Christmas/Christmas Eve) so I'll say it now - Merry Christmas everyone!


David S. said...

Merry Christmas!

TimJayFitz said...

Wow - seeing this on the black background shows how much I half-assed the edit. It looks much better on flickr's white background!

Oh well - think I'll have another!


Anonymous said...

Love it! The beer and the photo!