Tuesday, May 9, 2017

More Shiny Things

I recently started photographing for a new company in town that makes extrusion machines and their parts. Being that I shoot for another company in the business I wanted to do something to set the two apart. Usually I shoot product photography with a long lens and even use Photoshop to keep things square. In this case I decided to use my 35mm lens, use high-key lighting and more dramatic angles for effect.

Here is a good example using the angle for more dramatic effect.

I swear - no matter how careful and clean I try to be with objects like this there is always fingerprints and dust to clean up in post-production.

I really enjoying shooting things like this - it feels as artsy to me as anything I photograph in the woods or on vacation.

As I've often said - anyone can make the Cuyahoga Valley look cool - try making an extrusion screw look cool!

Another thing with shoots like this is that they take a bit of industry knowledge or direction from the client. These parts are being sold to people who know the business and there are certain features that need to be shown off - this packing screw is just a screw to us - but its design is unique and only specific angles illustrate its selling points.

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