Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bluebell Remnants

Yesterday I went for a hike along Furnace Run in the Cuyahoga Valley to photograph the Virginia Bluebells. I've been shooting and blogging about the bluebells for a long time so I try to mix it up each year - using different cameras and film stocks, shooting at different times of day, and in different weather conditions. The differentiating factor this year is that I came far past their peak - no big field of blue shots. I pretty much had to track down the late bloomers. This challenge though, does set these images apart from the blue-out conditions of other seasons.
Anyways - it was good to get out for a hike with my camera. With all the cycling I've done the last few years nature photography has really taken a backseat.

Interesting to see the touch of pink in these - even though many from the cluster have already dropped.
'Bokeh for Days' - Google it.
Buckeye Tree Flowers
Fungus "Fungus Along the Run"
Wild Flowers
"Yellow on Green"
"Trillium" - usually when I am out capturing the bluebells at their peak the trilliums are white - it was cool to see them dressed in pink.
Wild Flowers II
"From Behind"
Head over to the Fitzwater Photography FB page to see one of my GoPro Vlogs.
"The Lean"
"Wild Wood"

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