Friday, February 24, 2017

Torchbearer's Anniversary Dinner

TorchBearers had there Anniversary Event last night at the Tangier. This year was a little different from years past as there was a sit down dinner in the banquet room. It is amazing to me to look around a room like this, see so many great people, and knowing that so many of them are now my friends. When I quit my job as a farm hand a few years back to pursue my dream as a photographer I don't think I could have imagined it being like this. On top of that it was so cool to be photographing an event where two of my high school classmates were the honorees - Betsy Bare Hartschuh as Torchbearer's Distinguished Alumnae and Kyle Kutuchief & John S. and James L. Knight Foundation as the recipient of the Read Family Friends of Young Leaders Award.

Patrick Bravo welcoming everyone.

Current TB president Michael Wilson.

Last year's president, Nicole Mullet.

Michael, Kyle, and Sammy

Michael, Betsy, and Nicole

TB Veep - Hillary

Kyle & Getta

Kyle, Micheal, Matt, Kirk, Neil
The Bares and Roger Read

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