Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ansco No. 2

Light Leaks 2
I loaded a roll of Kodak TMax 100 in my old Ansco No.2 box camera and took a couple of walks to test it out about a month or two back. I finally developed the film(in HC-110(b) and got it scanned and uploaded last week. I shot with a Lomo, from the hip type attitude. As you can see the camera clearly had some light-leaks and the lens, like many box cameras, is only sharp in the center - which when used right can be pretty cool. Also the camera needs to be held quite still - I'm guessing it must have a shutter around 1/50th. No matter what the outcome I always enjoy shooting a "new" vintage camera from my collection.

No.2 Ansco
"My Camera"
Falls River Square
"Falls River Square"
Shadows and Reflections
"Shadows and Reflections"
From the Y-Bridge
"From the Y-Bridge"
Walls and Shadows
"Walls and Shadows"
Free Traficant
"Free Traficant & Liberty"

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