Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sigma Odyssey

Rake Guitar
So my Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 lens has finally returned from its second trip to New York without me. I had sent it in for service. The first time it went to NY after a bunch of confusing e-mails and conversations that made no sense and I received it back with a weird invoice. I wanted it serviced for a blurring issue caused by decentering of the elements - the invoice stated that there had been a micro-AF adjustment done. That wasn't the problem but at least they didn't charge me.
This time I talked to a gentleman who actually works on lenses and he assured me if I labeled the box "attention Paul" that he would look at it himself - he even let me use their UPS account to send it in. The communications this time were clear and I seemed to be talking to professional sounding English-speakers. Paul called me himself when the lens arrived at Sigma Service - unfortunately I learned it was a "grey market" lens with no warranty. So 150 bucks later my lens is back - and hopefully fixed. This is one of the first shots I've taken - I need to do some testing to see if they really fixed the problem. The invoice this time says they replaced the rear element - but Paul told me they were going to "rotate them". Either way, its my favorite lens and I really hope it will finally be sharp.

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