Friday, April 1, 2011

Detroit Decay

Detroit 3
Its become pretty common for photographers to head to Detroit to capture some of its post-apocalyptic vibe. When I went to Detroit to see a band in 2004 I had heard things but had no idea the extent of it(now I've seen multiple magazine spreads and gallery shows about the wreckage). I spent the night in Detroit after seeing the band play and the next day did some exploring. I found this neighborhood in the shadow of the Tigers' stadium that was a pretty mess. The amazing thing was people were buying these houses and a few had already been fixed to their late 1800's grandeur. I was amazed that these things could be saved - it looked like they were ready to collapse under there own weight at any minute.
Detroit 4Detroit 2

As sad as the decay of Detroit can be there is no disputing the photographic nature of scenes like this neighborhood. I believe this was one of the last rolls of film I shot with my Minolta XG1 before going digital.
Detroit 1
Detroit 5

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