Monday, April 11, 2011

Akron Commercial Color Lab

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This was the first roll of film I had developed at Akron Commercial Color Lab. I decided to try them out after coming across their website. I had been using Dodd Camera but between their pricing and the wait to get my film back I wasn't too happy. I really like ACCL - it only cost $3.60 to get my film developed and put into a binder ready negative sheet(not the flimsy drugstore kind) and it was done the same day. They process C-41 three times a week, E-6 twice and black and white once. They also do digital enlargements - which I'd like to try out - it be nice to move my business from the 'net to a local company.
Brett @ MatineeSorry!
I shot this with my Nikon L35 AF and expired Fuji Super HQ 200.
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I tried a few different scanning methods with my Canoscan 9000f for this roll. I upped the output resolution for the first 10 to 6400 dpi and turned up the FARE(dust and scratch remover) to medium. I was happy with the results - the images looked less noisy than those scanned at 4800 dpi, only problem being that it took about three hours to scan. I still need to take a single shot and scan it at the different settings and resolutions to figure out what is the best - so far I'm not comparing apples to apples.

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