Saturday, December 5, 2009

Terminal Christmas

Terminal ChristmasLast night I went to Cleveland with a few friends to see the Cavs play the Bulls. On the way into the game I had to stop and get a shot of the Terminal Tower all dressed up for Christmas. This shot was taken at a fairly high ISO(3200) because I had no tripod and I had to get a quick enough exposure to avoid camera shake. I'd really like to be able to get back to Cleveland before the Holidays are over to get a good low ISO shot with my tripod. It would also be cool to take the time and find a really cool perspective to take the photo from.
For the uninitiated the problem with having to shoot high ISO with a digital camera is the noise that is generated. When someone says a picture is "noisy" they are basically saying that it is grainy. While in the film days film grain could sometimes be desirable, digital noise is less so.
Anyways - I'll have some shots from the Cavs game posted soon.

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