Friday, December 11, 2009

Camera Collection

I've decided to add a new page to my website dedicated to my vintage camera collection. I've been collecting older camera for a few years now. A few basic rules for my camera collecting:
1. I try not to spend over $30 on a camera. This rule can be a little flexible if I see something extremely unique or I think the camera may be worth alot more than the price.
2. I only buy something I find in person - thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets. You can find anything online(ie. E-Bay) and I don't see the fun in that(and I would be broke.
3. i focus my collecting on SLRs from the 60's through early 80's, rangefinders, and early point and shoots. I'm not really looking for pre-50's cameras.
Below is a little sample of my cameras....
Minolta srt 101Minolta 110 ZoomCanon Canonet Minolta Super A
The page isn't close to being finished yet but I'm working on shooting and posting more of my cameras and adding information about them. I'll also adding tools to make searching the cameras by category and model possible soon.

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