Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merging Lock 3

Over the weekend I went for a hike from Cascade Locks to downtown Akron at Lock 3. I snapped this photo down by the skating rink. I tried something new in the post-processing(new to me). Since the rink was in the shadows it was far under-exposed. So what I did was create 2 separate tiffs from my RAW files. The first one I edited for the buildings and sky - the second one I pushed the exposure to make the foreground more visible. I then put them each in there own layer(but same file) in Photoshop and painted the second image through in the foreground area to give an all around better image. It worked pretty well. I'd like to try this with a tripod and separate images - then the different exposures could be taken with the camera - eliminating some of the noise from pushing the exposure of the RAW files.

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