Monday, February 23, 2009

To Clone or Not to Clone

On Saturday night I was out shooting some photos for 'A Man For All Seasons' at the Highland Theater. He got a call from a friend Kieth - his band the Trouble Books needed a photo for the music magazine Skyscraper.
They just wanted a simple shot so I sat them down at the bar. I liked the photos but felt that the background was a little bit too busy - so I cloned out some of the signs.
Trouble BooksTrouble Books
I would never do something like this to a shot that I consider more journalistic....but here I think it is justified, the article will not be about the Highland but about the band.
I know that this will still drive some of our readers crazy - as I found out in a debate about cropping - so I look forward to the comments. I sent the band both versions so they could make the choice.

The magazine wanted the shots in black & white - I liked them in color and posted one on my flickr page.

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