Friday, February 13, 2009

The Real Thing

The other day I received an envelope full of pictures from last farm season in the mail. I took magnets and stuck some of them up on my fridge. While I love the ease of digital photography and its distribution(ex. shooting a band playing a show one night and having a link to the photos on their Myspace page the next day)its still really cool to flip through prints with your hands.
Fridge 2As far as I'm concerned having a few digital picture frames around can't compare to the real framed print.
I just read Time Magazine's article How To Save Your Newspaper and also saw a review of's Kindle 2, an e-book reader. I can easily imagine paper copies of newspapers disappearing in my lifetime and the death of the CD seems just a matter of time.(While CD sales were down last year vinyl record sales were actually up) Being thirty years old I pretty much straddle the technology divide - but for me nothing could ever replace a photo on my fridge, reading a newspaper in my rocking chair, reading a novel out back on my swing, or dropping a needle on a vinyl LP.

Unrelated: Amazing Akron band Houseguest will be playing shows tonight and tomorrow at the Matinee in Highland Square. Tonight they play their first album(and Chief Source friend Wes Dodd's band The Real Dogs will be opening) and Saturday night they will play their second album - I'll be there both nights shooting photos...

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