Monday, July 17, 2017

From Above

Home & Work
I picked up a DJI Mavic Pro drone a few weeks ago. My goal is to use it for some of the video projects I have in the works and for some event photos too. I've been mostly just practicing flying it and have just started dabbling with the camera settings. These photos were all shot flying from the studio in the RAW format DNG. They are pretty impressive for the little camera. The above shot is looking down on the plaza my studio is in.
I'm working on a video about the drone today too - the 4k footage is really nice.

Cuyahoga Falls
Looking North down State Road.
I liked the colors in this photo - the cars at sunset.
Looking down on the Shell Gas Station across the street.
Drone Selfie
Drone Selfie!
The studio plaza is in the lower right and that is Akron on the horizon.(You can see me in the green shirt in the plaza parking lot if you zoom in).
Chapel Hill Sunset
This is a view of Chapel Hill at sunset from the studio.
More soon....

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