Friday, June 23, 2017

Common Threads - Middlebury

The latest in the monthly Common Threads series focused on Middlebury - getting to know the people who live and work there - or both. Middlebury faces many challenges - years of decline, overbuilt main thoroughfares, a Waste Management Transfer Station and more. But there is hope and energy in the neighborhood. We met in Compass Coffee which is part of The Well - one of the positive things happening in the area. Greg Milo started the conversation but turned it over to Zac Kohl to facilitate - he is the Executive Director of The Well CDC.
As always Common Threads goal is to bring people from diverse backgrounds to have a open discussion - the events are a collaboration between the Knight Foundation and Global Ties Akron.

Nick Wilkinson kicked off the event with some tunes.

Kyle & Zac

Greg Milo

Francel Parker - Pastor at Open Door Assembly of God.

Beth Vild - she is involved with many things such as The WOMB, Big Love Network and The Akron City Repair Project.

Lyle Jenkins - a retired computer programmer and expert on Middlebury history.

Darrita Davis - area resident and president of Stop the Violence Akron Movement.

Judy Cox - Captain of the Bettie St. Block Watch which has been in operation for 10 years.

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