Friday, March 31, 2017

Washed Out Film, Washed Up Camera

I loaded my late 90's Minolta Freedom Zoom camera with some Fuji Superia for St. Patrick's Day - I have a tradition of shooting old point & shoot cameras for the holiday. Most of the St. Pat's photos that came out ok will be on facebook - I finished the roll up in Ohio City and that is what I have here. I was pretty unimpressed with the results. I have done much better with my early 80s film cameras than this one. There was a lot of missed focus and the majority of the exposures were way blown out. I actually had to bring down all of the highlights in Photoshop to even make it worth posting a few of these.
So here are some snaps to check out - but this camera will be spending the rest of its life on the shelf.

I mean - if I was shooting expired film for effect this would be great - but this Superia 400 was right off the shelf at the camera store.
This photo is still washed out - but I brought it way down from the original scan.
Of all the outdoor shots this was the only one to be exposed correctly.
West Side Market
I think this angle is pretty cool of the West Side Market. Again I had to darken the image - also - those are not the colors of Superia(I've shot this film many times before).
West Side Market
'Beer Here' - I was in Cleveland because I had a commercial shoot in the morning. I went over to Ohio City to get some lunch and finish my roll.
I like this shot - but again - it was a Photoshop fix - which kind of defeats the purpose of shooting c-41 color negative film.

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