Saturday, January 7, 2017

Show 7 - 5D Mark IV

I didn't put out a show over the holidays but I did get a couple of other videos up. In this week's show I talk about my new camera - the Canon 5D Mark IV. I didn't plan on buying a new camera but some problems with my 6D forced the issue. Buying cameras for me hasn't been an emotional decision for a while - it is a tool I need to do my job. That being said this is an upgrade that excites me - as you can see in the video I just love holding this thing. Image quality aside - this camera is going to be so much more of a joy to use.

As anyone can tell I love everything retro...
 *sitting surrounded by hundreds of vintage cameras*
....but when it come to the tool for the job the bland look of the Canon 5D and 7D lines are so damn functional - as I say in the video - they are like an extension of my hand.
When I worked on the farm I had a blast taking the old Oliver for a spin - but give me that hydraulic 300hp cabbed John Deere any day....

Old and New

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