Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lieberth Award

Theresa Carter received this year’s Lieberth Community Vision Award from Leadership Akron during an breakfast yesterday morning at the John S. Knight Center. The organizers of the event pick a theme based on the interests of the recipient - this year they focused on Theresa's love of dance. This was my third time at the event and it is always a really touching morning - albeit one that presents challenges for a photographer. The recipient's family beams with pride, laughs, and struggles to keep their eyes dry. The event was co-MC-ed by Leadership Akron president Mark Scheffler and Heather Burns.  

Some song to start the morning.

This is what I meant when I said the event can be a little challenging to shoot. Dancers & singers would appear through different doors throughout the event. Yes, I had the top-secret script - but lighting it took some work. I love a challenge though - and was happy with my mix of flash and ambient(though there wasn't much ambient so that mix took place in Photoshop).

It was a pleasant surprise to see a couple of my friends on stage to talk about Theresa's mentorship.

I absolutely believe a good photo can be made with any camera - but here is an example where gear makes a difference. A high end camera with great low-light capability mixed with an expensive telephoto lens - sorry - our iphones aren't capturing this moment this clearly.

The man himself.

"The Award"


One of Theresa's favorite movies is Sister Act - when the event appeared to be over the famous scene from the movie was reenacted live.

"Reception Line"

All of the winners - past and present - including my dad!!

The Board

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