Monday, November 14, 2016

Coffee Tasters

On Saturday night I went to Akron Coffee Roasters for the 'Flight of Fancy' coffee tasting contest. There were four kinds of beans that needed to be matched to corresponding cards. I tasted the coffees but would have had an easier time matching the hops to the beer I was drinking. It was interesting to watch the experts in the room discuss the flavors and possible origins - even though it was mostly over my head. The educated guesses are submitted and the winners announced on November 18th and various prizes awarded.

There are 10 cards - even though there are only four coffees.

Working Class Vegan Man - AKA - Greg Milo - on social media duties.


Eva and Albert making jokes I don't get.

Before Albert starting roasting here in Akron I had never even tasted these kinds of coffees - the darker roasts of Angel Falls and the like were what I knew as "good coffee". I'm starting to develop more of a pallet for this type of thing but I'm not even close to the rest of the people in that room.

Flavor Wheel

A video of us doing the 'mannequin challenge'.

ACR's cofffees

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