Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pittsburgh on Foot

On Saturday I drove out to Pittsburgh to take Sara to her job at the Holiday Market downtown. She is working for a German glass blower she met who used to have a booth at the Christkindl market here in Akron. I spent the better part of two days walking the streets of Pittsburgh shooting photos and learning the lay of the land. Here is a selection of those....

Looking towards Mt. Washington.

Santa's House - Market Square

Looking down the road to the ice skating rink and Christmas Tree.

I liked the way the light was reflecting off the building across the street and onto this one. It looked like this whole block was boarded up and about to be redeveloped.

"Infrastructure" One could spend a lifetime photographing the roads, trains, bridges and other infrastructure that makes Pittsburgh tick.

The David McCullough Bridge

"Compassionate Friends" - along one of the bike paths.


Penn Brewery is a German-style brewery I found for lunch. Great German food and beer(plus a few modern style beers too).

"Bier Halle"

The brewery's building is actually that of a much older brewery. Under this arch was the current bier garten - in which you could see where the original cellars for lagering beer were.

"Penn Brewery in Good Light"

Great view near Deutschtown.

"Church and Sun"

"Stone and Steel"

"Magic Hour Biking"

The light was so perfect as I walked across this bridge I couldn't stop snapping photos.

"The Light Fantastic"

I have high hopes for more of these type of bike lanes in Akron.

I stopped for a few drinks at The Sharp Edge. They had a great Christmas Beer list and tons of Belgian beers too. They also had rare bottles that were over $300!

"Bike Here"


"Light Rail Waves"

"Tall and Thin"

"Point Park" - once a rail yard and heavily industrial area.

"Fort Pitt Block House" - built in 1764 as a redoubt of Fort Pitt it is the oldest building in the region. Inside were interesting photos showing the block house at various times in its history. It survived because it was used as a private residence for decades.

"Ornaments" - in Mario's booth.


Downtown from Station Square.

The Monongahela Incline

Inside the 1870 incline - originally used to get workers from Mt. Washington down to work.

This is one of two inclines left in the city - there were 18 at one time.


Downtown from Mt. Washington.

"House upon a Hill"

"Incline X-ing"

Sara and Mario

"The Church Brew Works" - an old church converted into a brewery - it was pretty cool.

"Belgian Christmas Ale"

"Man Created Beer"

"Alter of Brewing"

A fantastic IPA. Our food was great too - wood fired pizza among other things...
I had a really good time exploring Pitt on foot - the topography makes it very interesting for photography - and this little photo essay only scratches the surface.

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