Sunday, December 13, 2015

Akron2Akron: Christmas History Walk

On Saturday evening Joanna Wilson led an Akron2Akron walk exploring the history of retail, Christmas displays in Downtown. Half of it took a little imagination and half of the history was still there. Being that South Howard street was demolished(as well as the original commercial district) Joanna's descriptions had to take you there. On the Southern side of Downtown the window displays have been recreated in some of the original department store windows(the former Polsky's and O'Neil's) as well as in the Mayflower. 

The start of the tour at Lock 3.

Looking at the First Merit, or "Singing", Tower - they used to broadcast Christmas Music from loud speakers that were towards the top.

Dina talking about Akron2Akron - this was the one year anniversary - and the largest crowd yet.

Joanna talking near the original locations for Polsky's, O'Neil's, and many other long gone Akron businesses.

The former O'Neil's with window displays.

Checking them out - just like back in the day.

"Surrender Dorothy"

Hearing from the curator of "Journey to Bethlehem".

Looking in the windows of the Mayflower - the former Polsky's in the background.

It was great to see such a large turn out for the tour. Its hard to believe that there has been a whole year of these already - I've learned a ton and met a bunch of people through them. It is such a great series of events. I look forward to more in 2016.

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Thanks so much for the wonderful photos!