Sunday, November 15, 2015

Royal Docks Brewing

It was another great weekend full of things to do in and around Akron. On Saturday alone Sara and I attended three events. Here are some photo from our stop at Royal Docks Brewing in Canton, OH(not far from the airport).

Barrel fermenting and aging. I believe Royal Docks opened up late last Summer. I had been meaning to try it out after hearing good reviews and finally had the chance when Sara had a nearby craft show.

The pizza we ordered was delicious.

This was a saison fermented in chardonnay wine barrels - very unique and tasty.

Sara - behind her is a garage door that opens up into a patio. The overall vibe of the place was pretty cool, exposed brewing equipment and barrels, some nice touches to tie in with their Brittish theme - but I think eventually the edison bulb/exposed duct work/pallet wood look is going to start to feel dated.

"Me" - by Sara

These were two IPA samples - one was a spot-on whit IPA and the other a really hoppy bitter one. Every beer we had was fantastic - if it wasn't so early in the day I would have liked to try more. I guess it is a good excuse to go back - I would definitely recommend the place to any craft beer nerd.

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