Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ektar in Autumn

Kodak Ektar 100 is probably the most beautiful C-41 film still on the market - and even better when used in the 120mm format. I shot a roll in the Fuji GSW690III, a massive rangefinder camera that makes 6x9 negatives(you only get 8 shots per roll at that size!). Fall is the perfect time for Ektar and its saturated colors - not to mention the lovely dynamic range this film gets you. I shot the roll over three different hikes in the Summit Metro Parks. Between having to use an external light meter(there isn't one in the Fuji), the slow process of manual focusing, and knowing you only have a handful of photographs to make you really slow down and choose your compositions wisely. For anyone who likes to photograph and didn't grow up in the analog era I would highly recommend trying out a film camera at least a few times - you'd be amazed at the way it changes how you shoot and your thought process behind it.

"Gorge-ous Trail"

This is the only shot on the roll that I blew - I under-exposed it - and a decent bump in Photoshop didn't quite fix it.

Hikers at the Nature Realm

"Sara and My Shadow" - its actually quite amateur to have my shadow in the shot - but the clever title saves me, no?

"Colors of the Nature Realm"

Alder Pond

"Sara and Fran in Good Light"

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