Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend Roundup

Twas a good, busy, and fun weekend but I only actually photographed about half of the events we attended.
On Friday we stopped by Locktoberfest at the Mustill Store - a benefit for the Cascade Locks Park Association. We then continued down the Towpath and met up at Blimp City Bike & Hike for the October Moonride. After the Moonride we rode to Thursdays to see a show(I only photographed the band Ghostman & Sandman). On Saturday we went to E.J. Thomas to see the Akron Symphony(no cameras allowed) and then on to Musica to see Pat Sweany(who was amazing as always). Sunday was pumpkin carving night at my parents house(a fall tradition). Below is a mess of photos to check out.

Fran, Eric, and Sara.

Tony Troppe giving a history of the Cascade Locks area.

Tony about to give a tour of his Cascade Lofts development. I think this a going to be a really cool place to live - apparently there will be a brewpub on the first floor - so even though I won't be renting a unit you know that I will be riding my bike down for a drink.

Inside Cascade Lofts.

German Folk Dancing outside the Mustill Store.

"Enjoying" the tunes at Thursday's.

Ghostman & Sandman


Zane making his Spider Man pumpkin.



Tanner and Amy





Kari and Andrew, "I can do it better Mommy".


Photo time.

Group Shot.

Niece and Nephews.

Jack-O-Lanterns in Sun.

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