Thursday, October 8, 2015

Rainy Day in Peninsula

On Saturday I stopped at the Farmers' Market in Howe Meadow for coffee and a snack, perused the Peninsula Flea Market, had lunch and a beer at The Winking Lizard, and went for a hike along the Towpath. I knew the Nickel Plate Road No.765 was in town and while walking I heard the steam whistle - I ran to get myself in place for a shot I had long thought about. The above photo is on the train bridge over the Cuyahoga by Deep Lock Quarry. A blue sky would have been nice but I still think it came out decent. Steam engines are obviously man's coolest invention.

'The Deep Lock"

"Shed Study" I shot a roll of film here a while back - check it out HERE.

"Open Door"

Rachel and Sara in their booth at the Peninsula Flea.

"Tools of the Trade"



"The Things"

"The Sara"
The rain definitely slowed down the traffic at the Flea - and a few of the regular outdoor vendors did not show - but there were still treasures to be found. The Flea is the third Saturday of the month.

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