Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Popular Guy™

Gabe Schray
So yeah, as the title indicates, I'm a popular guy around the web so far this week. The Akron Beacon Journal published the above photo in Sunday's paper(Premier Section) along with a review of Gabe Schray's latest projects. Unfortunately they didn't get permission or give me a photo credit. Their web guy is a much better dude, he e-mailed me asking if it was my photo and then linked it to this site. So a big props to Ohio.com's Dan Kadar!
I also noticed 4 of my Akron photos on the blog Here's Looking at Me Kid. While I'm not crazy about the photos not linking directly back to their flickr page(as stated in flickr's TOS) at least there is a link provided. The below photo is one that was used....
Beer at Sunset

The web has changed the way images are thought of and seen - and it gives a lot of people the idea that photos can just be grabbed and used for whatever they want. While the average person running some small blog probably doesn't realize that you can't just pull people's photos from places like flickr I expect more from major newspapers.  I'm not some copyright crusader - its not like I haven't burned some CDs here and there - but if you want to use something just ask and then give the appropriate credit or links....

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