Friday, April 10, 2009


Laura Jumpin'Laura
My girlfriend Laura and I were sitting on my porch the other day enjoying the nice weather. I had some of my camera equipment with me(we had just been hiking) so I decided to show her how some of it worked. In the picture to the right I was holding my camera in one hand and my 580exII flash hooked up to my Pocket Wizard in the other. It was a simple set-up that made for a fun/cool shot.
When I was taking the shot to the left the sun was setting and there wasn't quite enough light to get a good exposure. I set the flash on the ground to the right, behind a planter. I still wanted a natural looking shot - some messing around with the flash power and camera settings got me the desired results(and I thought it was pretty good for not using a light modifier such as an umbrella or softbox).

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