Sunday, April 19, 2009

Country Drive

Malabar FarmMalabar Farm
On Saturday afternoon my friend Lindsey took me for a drive. We spent most of the time following back roads through beautiful rolling farm land. A few of the places we stopped included the Ashery Country Store in Frederiscksburg, the Pleasant Hill Dam in Perrysville and Malabar Farm in Lucas.
It was fun to get out of Akron for a day and explore the country side and small towns in the area. The drive was the most fun part of the trip - instead of just hopping on the freeway and waiting to arrive at a specific destination. Traveling must have been a lot more interesting in the days before the freeways and interstates ...and it made me realize how much there is to explore in our own backyard.
LindseyPleasant Hill Dam(I have more photos from the day on my flickr page.)

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