Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blue Truck

Blue TruckYesterday I was driving out to the self-serve car wash to clean up some of the winter grime. As I was driving by Croghan Park I saw this blue truck. Even though it turned out to be a Ford, it reminded me of some old school Soviet style contraption. The truck was a giant auger - it looks like they are redoing all the light poles at the park.

It caught my eye so much that on the way back I had to stop and snap a few photos. It was one of those annoying times to shoot where the sun kept dodging in and out of the clouds - messing with my exposure. I finally did get a couple I was happy with.

Unfortunately for my car the change machine at the wash wouldn't take any of my I went and got lunch at Wendy's. I hadn't been to one in a while and I swear they shrunk the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger....has anyone else notice this? Don't mess with a man's JBC!

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