Friday, March 27, 2009

Blood on the Tracks

TracksThe other day I was walking down the stretch of train tracks that runs between West Market Street and Hawkins Avenue. I usually then loop down Shatto to Pershing and back to my house. I've lived in three different places on this loop and probably walked it a hundred times. This day as I was walking over the drive that connects Acme #1 to the self-storage place when a police officer called out to me, "Get off the tracks, you're trespassing!"
"What?" I asked(even though I clearly heard him).
"This is private property - the train company doesn't want the liability of you getting hit!"
"Oh, I'm sorry....I didn't know...I've lived here for six years"
"Just stay off the tracks"
Okay - I understand that technically he is probably right, but a thirty year old man with a camera getting hit by a train in broad daylight? Come on. If the officer really is that worried about train safety he should stake it out around 3:00 PM when school kids daily shortcut down these tracks.
In all my time in West Akron I've never heard of anyone getting hurt around this area of I still take my walk(as evidenced by this photo).

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