Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Real Dogs and Friends

Last night I went out to the Zephyr in Kent to see a few of my friend's bands.
The Real Dogs
I took some pretty good photos. The band above is The Real Dogs. I used to play with Wes, the singer/guitar player. A mutual friend of ours, Pat, was in town and drove us out to the show.
New Body TypeThe band pictured left is New Body Type consisting of Gabe, Robbie, and Greg. They are kind of an Akron super group as they all play in other bands too. Gabe plays bass in Akron legends Houseguest, one of my favorite bands...but that's not to say anything bad about New Body Type who are dang good in their own right. I also took pictures of the band Food Court who is another band made up of members from other bands - such as The Trouble Books and Hell's Information.
All of the pictures I've posted can be viewed here.

I have some big news about my photography coming soon so stay tuned....now I have to head out and get a start on my Christmas shopping....

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