Friday, December 12, 2008

(inside the back)Cover of The Rolling Stone!

So like usual I was just sitting around reading the latest issue of Rolling Stone....wait...what? -"anything interesting in there you ask?"
Hmmm...a bunch of year end lists about music and movies I haven't heard or seen.
I'm Famous!
Oh wait, on page 134 it seems they have used one of my photos of the amazing Akron band Houseguest. Oh, I guess I'm completely famous and totally awesome!
HouseguestThis here is the photo. If you pick up a copy of Rolling Stone you might want to grab a magnifying glass as well - it is quite small(not only the pic but the RS - they shrunk it - seriously!). The context of the use is in the "local favorites" section about the top selling albums at Square Records in Akron, OH. There is a little blurb about Houseguest(#2) which has my picture(of said band) next to it. Just because I'll constantly be saying, "as featured in Rolling Stone" don't think this has gone to my head....

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